The objective of this webinar series is to bring regional and international education experts together and share with you the latest education trends, product updates for Blackboard clients, pedagogical best practices and tips on how you can improve outcomes with the new learners we have today.

There are four series to cater to the different teaching and learning needs. We will share insights, talk about how you can overcome challenges such as improved learner engagement, adoption; you will gain insight, greater expertise and know-how, and apply it to your institution and organisation.

Follow the below links to learn more about each of the series:

  1. Customer Product Updates Series 
  2. Higher Education Series 
  3. Vocational Education and Training Series 
  4. Corporate Training Series

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We are preparing your webinar overview! Make Monitoring Student Attendance Easy Taking attendance manually can be challenging, time-consuming, and error-prone. Make monitoring attendance as easy as possible for staff and provide a simple way for students to check in via a quick tap or swipe of their student ID.

Discover how a simple, easy-to-use automated system can make attendance check-in painless for both staff and students. Learn how campus-wide attendance policies and an automated attendance system to support them make tracking, record keeping, and centralised data access easier. See the Blackboard Attendance solution in action to understand the real-world advantages for your institution.
Paige Didier, Blackboard Transact - USA
Darren Ede, Blackboard Transact - ANZ
Higher Education HE20170727 2017-07-27 10:00:00 10:45:00 Australia/Sydney ultra


We are preparing your webinar overview! The Videofied Campus – Kaltura video management and Lecture Capture In this session, Grant will introduce attendees to the latest suite of Kaltura video management solutions, fully integrated within your learning management system, and update the audience on the latest addition to the Kaltura solution set, Lecture Capture. Grant will demonstrate the integrations within both Learn and Moodle, and discuss best practice and adoption of video across all aspects of the student lifecycle in an educational institution. Grant Beevers, Senior Manager, Solutions Engineering, APAC Higher Education HE20170803 2017-08-03 13:00:00 13:45:00 Australia/Sydney ultra


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