The objective of this webinar series is to bring regional and international education experts together and share with you the latest education trends, product updates for Blackboard clients, pedagogical best practices and tips on how you can improve outcomes with the new learners we have today.

There are four series to cater to the different teaching and learning needs. We will share insights, talk about how you can overcome challenges such as improved learner engagement, adoption; you will gain insight, greater expertise and know-how, and apply it to your institution and organisation.

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  1. Customer Product Updates Series 
  2. Higher Education Series 
  3. Vocational Education and Training Series 
  4. Corporate Training Series

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We are preparing your webinar overview! Predictive Learning Analytics: Looking into the future from your data Learning analytics are a hot topic at the moment. Everybody is talking about them, but not all learning analytics are the same. During this webinar we will establish the different types of analytics, we will define the maturity level of your organisation analytical approach and we will dive into predictive learning analytics. Are analytics the next e-Learning revolution? Can your organisation live without a clear approach towards learning analytics? Establish your own perspective on the topic and think about your possible next steps. José Antonio Omedes, Research and Development Director, IAD Learning Higher Education HE20170516 2017-05-16 13:00:00 13:45:00 Australia/Sydney ultra
We are preparing your webinar overview! Creating a truly inclusive experience for students and teachers Join us for this engaging webinar that examines how Universal Design for Learning can empower academics, learning designers and administrators that seek further insight on how to create learning opportunities for students with special needs and diverse learning proclivities. Client Success Manager, Dr. Susan D’Aloia will host guest expert and Blackboard user, Dr. James Cressey, an experienced clinician and Assistant Professor of Education at Framingham State University, who recently published “Using UDL to Make Teacher Education More Accessible and Inclusive for All”. Dr. James Cressey, Assistant Professor of Education, Framingham State University | Dr. Susan D'Aloia, Client Success Manager, Asia, Blackboard Higher Education HE20170518 2017-05-18 10:30:00 11:20:00 Australia/Sydney ultra
We are preparing your webinar overview! Amazon Web Services: The New Normal of Cloud and Education The pace of change in the last 10 years has accelerated tremendously and it has affected many different industries. A lot of the disruption we see occurred as a result of the emergence of public cloud service providers and the change in the business models introduced. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been at the forefront of the public cloud business since 2006. In a very short period of time, AWS has redefined how IT can be consumed, deployed and managed. In addition, customers who have used AWS saw the benefits of how scalable, flexible and agile the service brings and as a result of those benefits, began to innovate the delivery of services to their customers.

Education customers like universities, institutions and research bodies were not slow in recognizing this impact and many began to experiment and use AWS. The pace of adoption by education organizations has accelerated to the point where most are not asking about why they should adopt but more about when they can start their journey into the cloud. This presentation seek to explain those benefits as well as the different case studies and use scenarios that the education sector has already embarked on. Education is truly moving into a new era of delivery education and learning services in a borderless world. This is the New Normal of Cloud and Education.
Vincent Quah, Business Development Lead, APJ - Education, Research and Not-For-Profit, Amazon Web Services Higher Education HE20170523 2017-05-23 13:00:00 13:45:00 Australia/Sydney ultra
We are preparing your webinar overview! Improving the Learning Experience in Moodle with Personalised Engagement and Feedback Learners receiving timely and personalised feedback are more engaged with their online courses, more motivated, and therefore perform better. Hence while technology is necessary for RTOs to be relevant in today’s world, its effectiveness is also dependent on its ability to support your trainers' engagement with individual learners. In this session, Foong Yee Leong will share the role timely feedback plays in learner satisfaction, and how you can leverage some Moodle features and tools to increase the quality and quantity of interaction with your learners. Foong Yee Leong, GTM Operations, Teaching & Learning Platforms, APAC Vocational Education & Training VET20170530 2017-05-30 13:00:00 13:45:00 Australia/Sydney ultra

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