Innovative Blended Learning Webinar - 
A Closer Look into the “My Learning Essentials” Blended Learning Program

Winner of Catalyst Award for Innovative Blended Learning
University of Manchester Library | Manchester, United Kingdom 

Speaker: Jade Kelsall, eLearning Technologist, University of Manchester Library
The University of Manchester Library developed My Learning Essentials - a flexible blended learning programme deliberately designed to allow students access at the point of need, with support available via a suite of interactive online learning resources and in face-to-face workshops, skills clinics and Q&A support sessions. 

Launched by the University of Manchester Library in September 2013, the entire programme is openly available to all students at the University on a self-selecting basis via the My Learning Essentials webpages; the online resources are also available for schools to embed in Blackboard as part of a curriculum-linked offer. It provides a consistent and comprehensive approach to academic skills development, accessible to all students on a self-selecting or guided basis, encouraging students to take a proactive approach to improving their skills while still being available at key moments of demand.
The "Catalysts of eLearning Webinars" honors the 2014 winners of the Blackboard Catalyst Awards by sharing their achievements as they push the boundaries of their educational programs and technology in order to deliver innovative and effective learning experiences. During these inaugural webinar sessions, we begin with presentations by five winners from the category of Innovative Blended Learning, Staff Development, Student Impact, Exemplary Course and Innovation. 
Completed Webinars
9 October
In 2011, the University of York embarked on the development of an online Employability Tutorial (ET), a self-study resource in their Blackboard Learn VLE (Virtual Learning Environment), with a goal of better preparing students for the world of work. The intended outcomes of the tutorial are increased student engagement with Careers (the University of York's careers service), and an improvement in the level of graduate destinations achieved.

Three years later, they have a resource that students are using in the thousands. It is supported by academics and the University, and successfully encourages students to think about the skills and experiences they need for their future. The ET has made it easier for more students to access support from Careers, and non-users of Careers have been seen to engage more with Careers after accessing the ET, compared to those who do not access the ET .
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Student Impact Webinar - 
Helping Students Take Control of Their Employability

Winner of Catalyst Award for Student Impact
University of York | North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Speaker: Chris Millson, Online Training Manager, University of York, United Kingdom
16 October
Staff Development Webinar - 
Promoting a Staff Development Culture that Meets Current and Future Challenges

Winner of Catalyst Award for Staff Development
Edge Hill University | Lancashire, United Kingdom

Speakers: Mark Wilcock and Carol Chatten, Learning Technology Development Officers, Edge Hill University, United Kingdom
The Learning Services Department at Edge Hill University are recognised for promoting and delivering a culture of staff development to meet current and future challenges. Here they create and support learning opportunities for both team and individual learning within the institution through the Developing Digital Excellence (DDE) program to deliver staff development sessions that focus on technology, pedagogy and best practices. 

Since September 2012, the strategic nature of the DDE program was to implement an effective and creative way to support staff beyond the classroom. Using an array of Blackboard solutions they have combined and leveraged the tools effectively to support the program and provide an innovative blended method for staff. The DDE program delivers training on a variety of topics that aim to raise awareness and confidence in using technology in teaching and learning. The syllabus of events they offer are organised around four key strands: The Digital Classroom, The Digital Office, the Digital Practicioner, and the Digital Reseacher.
21 October
Innovation Webinar – 
Driving a Pedagogically Sound and Economically Efficient “Paperless” Campus

Winner of Catalyst Award for Innovation
Higher Colleges of Technology | Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Speaker: Himanshu Joshi, Chief Educational Technology Officer, Higher Colleges of Technology, United Arab Emirates
Higher Colleges of Technology, a federally funded and access based University with 17 campuses and more than 20000 students, has implemented a 100% eTextbook model within Blackboard Learn using a centralized purchasing and distribution of prescribed learning resources. The institute is the first Higher Educational Institute in the world that has replaced all prescribed print textbooks with eTextbooks on Blackboard Learn. The eText implementation at HCT has proven to be a pedagogically sound and economically efficient initiative. All the project objectives were successfully achieved. This initiative also helped in emergence of innovative models of content aggregation to efficiently utilize the content management system of Blackboard.
02 October
Exemplary Course Webinar – 
A Comprehensive Project Management Basics Course  for Professional Women Returning to the Workforce after an Extended Career Break

Winner of Catalyst Award for Exemplary Course

Speakers: Olaf Dierker, IT Director, TLA TeleLearn-Akademie gGmbH, Germany
Sigrun Bones, 
Course Instructor Project Management Basics

The Project Management Basics course is one element of the "Perspective Wiedereinstieg" (Perspectives for Female Work Returners) training program at TLA TeleLearn-Akademie gGmbH.   

The course utilizes text-based learning materials and online meetings for delivering the core content. Further learning objects are links to open sources, i.e. videos, as well as book recommendations. Regular tasks, like assessments, online-discussions and self-tests engage the learner during the whole course. This webinar will focus on TLA’s highly collaborative approach as it is realized in this course using Blackboard Learn™, Blackboard Collaborate™ and Blackboard Mobile Learn™.

11 September