Staff Development Webinar
Promoting a Staff Development Culture that Meets Current and Future Challenges

Winner of Catalyst Award for Staff Development
Edge Hill University | Lancashire, United Kingdom
The "Catalysts of eLearning Webinars" honors the 2014 winners of the Blackboard Catalyst Awards by sharing their achievements as they push the boundaries of their educational programs and technology in order to deliver innovative and effective learning experiences. During these inaugural webinar sessions, we begin with presentations by five winners from the category of Innovative Blended Learning, Staff Development, Student Impact, Exemplary Course and Innovation. 
Meet the Speakers
Mark Wilcock 
Learning Technology Development Officers, 
Edge Hill University, United Kingdom
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Webinar Recording
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The Learning Services Department at Edge Hill University are recognised for promoting and delivering a culture of staff development to meet current and future challenges. Here they create and support learning opportunities for both team and individual learning within the institution through the Developing Digital Excellence (DDE) program to deliver staff development sessions that focus on technology, pedagogy and best practices. 

Since September 2012, the strategic nature of the DDE program was to implement an effective and creative way to support staff beyond the classroom. Using an array of Blackboard solutions they have combined and leveraged the tools effectively to support the program and provide an innovative blended method for staff. The DDE program delivers training on a variety of topics that aim to raise awareness and confidence in using technology in teaching and learning. The syllabus of events they offer are organised around four key strands: The Digital Classroom, The Digital Office, the Digital Practicioner, and the Digital Reseacher.
Carol Chatten
Learning Technology Development Officer and Associate Tutor of Clinical Education, 
Edge Hill University,
United Kingdom
(BA(Hons), PGCHETLS): 
Learning Technology Development Officer and Associate Tutor of Clinical Education at Edge Hill University.  Trained in Animation at the University of Lincoln and has a background in graphic design, multimedia production, web design and teaching and learning (in clinical education).  

Personal interests include the inclusion of mobile, multimedia, animation and simulation in teaching and learning.  Produced research that won the Blackboard Mobile Innovation award in 2013.
BSc (Hons), MCTS : Learning Technology Development Officer at Edge Hill University. Prior to joining Edge Hill I served in various private IT Support and engineering roles, more noticeably I was responsible for server support and improvement initiatives at British newspaper and magazine publisher, Trinity Mirror plc. I have a keen Interest in electronic assessment management tools the creative design, implementation and evaluation of mLearning and eLearning solutions. 

I also have a strong focus on exemplary course standards, including techniques on how current and new technologies can be leveraged to design effective learning experiences. I hold a Bachelor of Science honours degree in Computing & Information Systems and I’m also a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists (MCTS) in Windows server infrastructure, security and Active Directory.