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Global Accessibility Awareness Day at Blackboard

Join us online on May 18 to discuss trending topics on accessibility in education.

Let's share ideas on how to make education truly accessible to all.

The purpose of these webinars is to get everyone talking, thinking, and learning about how to make education truly accessible to all. You can choose to register for how many sessions you’d like. But hurry up, seats are limited!

About the webinar sessions:

Session 1
(Sydney, AEST)

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Creating a truly inclusive experience

About: This engaging webinar will examine how universal Design for Learning can empower academics, learning designers, and administrators that seek further insights on how to create learning opportunities for students with special needs and diverse learning proclivities Dr. Susan D'Aloia will host guest expert and Blackboard user, Dr. James Cressey, an experienced clilnician and Assistant Professor of Education at Framingham State University, who recently published 'Using UDL to Make Teacher Education More Accessible and Inclusive for All".

Time: 10:30am-11:45am AEST (Sydney, Australia)

Dr Susan D’Aloia, Client Success Advocate, Blackboard
Dr. Cressey, Assistant Professor of Education, Framingham State University

Session 2
(London, BST)

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How Digital Accessibility Can Support an Inclusive and Engaging Learning Experience

About: To celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day, join Blackboard in a discussion on how digital accessibility can foster an engaging learning experience for all students. We’ll share best practices for using the principles of accessibility to create a more inclusive learning experience. And we’ll spotlight two institutions who will share their approach to improve accessibility and the learning experience.

Time: 1pm-2pm BST (London, UK)

Alistair McNaught, Accessibility Subject Matter Specialist at Jisc
Helen Petrie, Helen Petrie Phd AFBPsS CPsychol FRSA
Nicolaas Matthijs, Ally Product Manager, Blackboard

Session 3
(Bogota, COT)

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(In Spanish) Rompiendo Barreras: Alcanzando todos los Alumnos por medio de la Accesibilidad Digital

Acerca del webinar: Como parte del Global Accessibility Awareness Day, únase a Blackboard y a sus clientes en una discusión sobre cómo la accesibilidad digital puede ayudar a romper barreras en la experiencia de aprendizaje. Compartiremos las mejores prácticas y programas que las instituciones están utilizando para mejorar la accesibilidad de todos los estudiantes. Y veremos nuestros últimos desarrollos en accesibilidad digital.

Horario: 10am-11am COT (Bogotá, Colombia)

Carlos García, Solutions Engineer, Blackboard
Universidad de las Americas Puebla
Universidad Abierta y a Distancia de México

Session 4
pre-recorded (Washington, D.C., EDT)

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Interview with Gallaudet: Importance of accessibility and its impact on students

About: Gallaudet University has a world-wide reputation as the premier university for the Deaf. This gives them a unique perspective on the importance of accessibility and how access (or the lack of it) affects student success. This interview with the Director of the Office of Distance Education and the CIO will be delivered in both ASL and English.

Mary "Tammy" Weiner, PhD, Director of Distance Education, Gallaudet University
Earl Parks, CIO, Gallaudet Universty
Scott Ready, Principal Strategist, Blackboard

Session 5
(Berkeley, PDT)

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Creating a university policy around accessibility

Time: 8am-8:30am PDT (Berkeley, CA, USA)

About: The landscape in education for students with disabilities has changed rapidly in recent years. Lucy Greco, Web Accessibility Evangelist, has a unique perspective on how institutions can create overall policy to support all students and how technology can improve students access to education.

Lucy Greco, Web Accessibility Evangelist, University of California, Berkeley
Nicolaas Matthijs, Ally Product Manager, Blackboard

Session 6
(Missoula, MDT)

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How to use industry standard LMS features to create accessible courses: Blackboard MOOC announcement

About: Blackboard has partnered with Zentz Accessible Design to create a MOOC (Massively-Open-Online-Course) to teach instructors across the world how to use industry standard LMS features to create educational content and courses that are accessible and build more inclusive classrooms. This session is a sneak peek at the MOOC which is powered by Blackboard and based in the Moodlerooms LMS. The full MOOC will be offered in both Fall 2017 and Spring 2018.

Time: 11am-12pm MDT (Missoula, MT, USA)

Marlene Zentz, Senior Instructional Designer and Accessibility Specialist, University of Montana
Aaron Page, Accessibility Specialist, University of Montana

Session 7
(Washington, D.C., EDT)

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BITS Webinar – Accessibility at Blackboard

About: Blackboard is committed to delivering accessible products and working with our clients to create inclusive educational experiences for everyone. Understanding that a digital accessibility program encompasses so much more than technology, we approach accessibility by looking at the platforms - Learn, Collaborate and Moodlerooms - the content going into client courses, and consultation opportunities to help you better understand accessibility across the entire student experience.

Time: 3pm-4pm EDT (Washington, D.C. USA)

Nicolaas Matthijs, Ally Product Manager, Blackboard
Scott Ready, Principal Strategist, Blackboard

Session 8
(Lawrence, CDT)

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Lose the stigma of leaving the classroom

About: Students with intellectual delay or other exceptionalities can thrive with personalized learning in a blended environment. Learn how a grade specific teacher and a special education teacher worked together to personalize learning for all students, including students with individualized educational plans.
4pm-4:30pm CDT (Lawrence, KS, USA)

Diana L. Bailey, Grade Level Teacher, Lawrence Public Schools
Kyleigh Edwards, Special Education Teacher, Lawrence Public Schools

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