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Bb Boot Camp

Get your course into shape!
Join our webinar series - starting Monday 26th February, 2018

It's that time of year. You have rolled over your course from last year and now may be thinking what can be done to transform it and get it "back into shape"? If that's where you're at, then Bb Boot Camp is for you!

Bb Boot Camp is a webinar series held over four days that explores and discusses the latest tips and best practices to get your course "back into shape" and looking great. The discussions will be LMS agnostic and will be very suitable for both educators and learning designers. Learn practical tips on how you can transform your course to enhance the student learning experience. The more tips you can apply to your course, the fitter and healthier your course will be!

The series has now run, but you can still register to access the webinar recordings.

The four areas of focus include:

Day 1
Course Design
Monday 26th February
Guest speaker:
Shannon Johnston,
Learning Engagement Developer,
Curtin University
Day 2
Interaction & Collaboration
Tuesday 27th February
Guest speaker:
Inna Geoghegan,
Learning Technologies Developer,
The University of Notre Dame
Day 3
Wednesday 28th February
Guest speaker:
Liberty Cramer,
Learning Designer,
University of Western Australia
Day 4
Learner Support
Thursday 1st March
Guest speaker:
Richard Stals,
Team Leader (Learning Solutions),
Edith Cowan University

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